Royal Design and Rum21 increased revenue with 181 % and decreased time-to-market with 72 % within three months. During the fall of 2019 Peregrine led a project together with Royal Design and Rum21 to implement a cross-functional, iterative and fast-responding new way of working.

Client: Royal Design and Rum21, Sweden’s largest interior design stores online with a steady yearly growth rate
Duration: 4 months
Services: Gap analysis, Channel Audit, Agile Methodologies, Scrum Framework, Roadmap plan and execution

Starting Point

The marketing team at Royal Design and Rum21 faced challenges related to the marketing strategy, prompted by a siloed organization and lack of crossover communication between functions. Siloed marketing organizations also face challenges in the orchestration of coherent omni-channel customer journeys. Especially when driving a transformation to become more data driven and utilizing the customer data points that exists within the internal technology landscape.

To solve these challenges and grow the marketing capabilities, Royal Design and Rum21 together with the support from Peregrine, implemented an agile way of working, based on the Scrum Framework. Project goals were related to productivity, quality of output, and increased sales numbers. The new agile way of working was piloted and started during Black Week, the most busy and important week of the year within e-commerce.

“In order to continue our growth journey, we wanted to partner with a vendor that had experience from building strong performance in house marketing teams in various industries and verticals. We chose to start working agile during a very critical period and could quickly began noticing impressive results. By working with continuous iterations and improvements we have been able to improve how we communicate with our both our customers and internally across all channels. Peregrine has been a flexible and dedicated partner adapting the way of working and implementation to our specific needs.”

Louise Andersson
Digital Marketing Manager, Royal Design and Rum21


To start the new way of working with the right prerequisites the team was reviewed to clarify team member roles and responsibilities. A close-knitted semi-autonomous team with diversified skills and areas of responsibility was compiled. 

The agile team, based on a prioritized backlog, decided on focus areas and tasks for no more than two weeks ahead. Every other week the whole team gathered for a joint planning to decide on and prioritize the tasks to be done in the upcoming two weeks. This allowed the team to have a consistent focus and quickly adapt to changing market conditions.

Prioritization was done in terms of effect towards driving increased sales. Coupled with short daily stand-ups and bi-weekly evaluations related to the process and results achieved during previous period, we ensured we built upon learnings and developed cross-team knowledge. This included further A/B testing, sharing of insights between departments, and early notice of potential roadblocks to ensure quality in execution.


When the new agile way of working was set into practice and up and running positive results were generated. In less than 3 months great results were accomplished across all target areas - both related to sales and softer goals.

Revenue related results:

  • 169 % revenue increase YoY Black Week for Rum21

  • 192 % revenue increase YoY Black Week for Royal Design

  • 61 % total revenue Increase above targets

Results related to new ways of working:

  • - 72 % decrease in time-to-market

  • + 59 % Insights into team members results and responsibilities 

  • + 43 % agility in changing content that is live on channels

  • + 58 % collaboration with external partners

  • + 43 % time for creativity in the daily work

  • +52 % improvement in stress levels

“The agile way of working has been transformative for us. By taking an iterative and adaptive approach to our marketing we constantly evaluate and improve our communication and campaigns. It is amazing to see what happens with creativity, efficiency, and knowledge exchange in a team when implementing agile methodologies. We have been able to reduce time to market and increased the testing of new marketing actions as a result of planning activities just two weeks ahead. The collaboration with Peregrine was seamless and the result of the agile process exceeded our expectations.”

Emilia Dahlberg Bielawska
Marketing Campaign Manager, Royal Design and Rum21